If we learn to open our minds, even our greatest challenges can bring us the greatest joy

Mindfulness Programs

We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.
— Calvin and Hobbes


For companies, organizations and individuals looking to build and/or strengthen communication and creativity, mindfulness can be a key tool to unlocking the unlimited potential of any person or team. I am also available to host mindfulness workshops and coaching sessions for groups and individuals wanting to learn how to lead a more mindful and meaningful life.  


Client Based Mindfulness Programs for at-risk and vulnerable populations can:

  • Build self-esteem and increase self-awareness

  • Enhance decision making skills and help with emotion regulation

  • Increase attention span and learning, and can be beneficial for those with attention deficit disorders

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Support sobriety and relapse prevention

Staff Based Mindfulness programs can:

  • Increase teamwork and employee wellness

  • Support staff in times of transition, leadership development, and team engagement

  • Minimize stress in the workplace

  • Increase staff creativity and effectiveness


Mindfulness is paying attention to what is happening in the present moment and being aware of the world around us and the world inside of us, without reaction.


It is learning to recognize our own behaviors and patterns that lead us to dissatisfaction, reactivity, and impulsive behavior. It is a method of “waking up” and changing our relationship to the difficulties in our lives so that we can experience joy and ease, even when the world around us (or the world inside of us) is in turmoil. It is a state of being that we already have, we just need to learn to access it so that we can experience greater joy and ease in our lives.

Mindfulness allows us to be aware of our moment to moment experience. It is a way to train the mind to move from a place of reactivity and automatic pilot, into an ability to see more clearly, and choose our responses to the experiences in life. It is a training tool for the mind.

Client based and staff based mindfulness programs can have a positive effect on the culture of your business or organization. All of us have a lifetime of patterns and habits, and we can learn to shift our auto-pilot mode to a more open-minded and self-aware state of being. Mindfulness can increase our capacity for working in challenging situations by providing tools to use during difficult times and decreasing stress and reactivity. Both programs combine the fundamentals of cutting edge mindfulness training and information in an accessible format.

Mindfulness enhances programs for clients and increases creativity and morale for staff. Together we can tailor a program that fits the needs of your organization or business. From program workshops to professional development, we can create a culture of mindfulness for your agency.