Truth spoken here

Inspirational Speaking

What if happiness were as simple as feeling the warmth of the bubbles when you do the dishes, or opening your heart to the pain of loss. Joy and pain, they are the same thing, it is only our reaction to them that differs. What if we learned to be open to both, to feel joy and pain with the same amount of curiosity and non-judgmental awareness. Then we would know happiness, no matter what we are experiencing.
— Jenni Peskin


I have been a performer for as long as I can remember, a teacher for as long as I have been in the workforce, and was an executive director for a non-profit for almost ten years. In all of these experiences, I loved being in front of an audience. I feel at home addressing crowds of 6 or 600 and can engage a group of ages 6 or 66. Through music, story-telling, singing, yoga and mindfulness philosophy, I have an arsenal of tools to bring forward a message to open hearts and expand minds.


Emotional wellness is at the heart of inspired action. Let me share a message that is designed especially for your group or gathering, to explore empathy, compassion, passion and self-expression as a way to cultivate teamwork, leadership, and positive growth.